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My Approach

I believe in capturing genuine moments. When looking at your photos, I want you to remember the reason you're smiling is because you just saw your bride for the first time in her dress, not because I told you to smile. The photo of you two resting your foreheads on each other is because that's something you do, not because I told you to. The picture of both of you laughing hysterically, spitting out your drink is because of something funny one of you said or did. That can't be faked.

Photos are memories and when the memories are real and authentic, they can't be beaten. No posed photos will ever top that. With that said, posed photographs do have their place and I love taking them as much as I do candid photos. My approach incorporates both of these to varying degrees. The majority of an elopement, though, will be candid photos.

During your ceremony all photos would be candid. Can you imagine during your ceremony, while you're reading your vows to one another, I shout out "Put your hand on his shoulder!" I can't. The thought of it makes me cringe.

During activities between you two such as having a picnic or hiking or fishing, whatever it may be, photos will be mostly candid but if ideas come to mind, I would certainly covey it to you and try it out. Whether it be a pose or something else. Or maybe you will have an idea for something. If so, let's do it! It'll be fun!

Finally, we would make some time for some more controlled photos where I would provide some direction. But even in these, the majority of the photos are of genuine moments. I make it a point to get as much authenticity as possible during your entire elopement. 

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