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  • I've ran a 24 hour obstacle course race

  • Favorite movie is Rear Window

  • I graduated from Tombstone High School (I was the last graduating class from the original high school, a fact I think is really cool)

  • I love to bowl and bowl every Wednesday in a league

  • Second favorite movie is Children of Men

  • I started growing facial hair when I was 12

  • I have an incredible girlfriend named Paige who supports me in ways I couldn't even dream about

  • Favorite song is Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

  • Third favorite movie is Dog Day Afternoon (I told you, I love film)

  • Spiders creep me out like nothing else


The biggest thing I want to get off my chest, because I'm sure you're wondering; No, I do not like coffee. I know, a photographer that doesn't boast about how much they love coffee on their website. Crazy, right? I've always hated it. I prefer protein shakes. I'm an avid film lover and if I never saw another superhero movie again, I'd be just fine. I love them as much as the next person but enough is enough. I bought my first camera in 2012, mostly for purposes of video. At that time, DSLR cameras were all the rage with their video specs. While I did indeed use that camera for video, I took a liking to taking photographs. I would take photos of my nephew, parents, my friend's band, random things at random places, etc. I was certainly at the hobbyist level for quite a while and then discovered landscape photography and all the possibilities that come with it.


It was this discovery that led me to adventure elopements. While scrolling through instagram, I saw a photo of some the most beautiful landscapes you could ever see at Yosemite National Park but in the photo were two people holding each other tenderly. He was wearing a very nice suit and she was wearing a wedding dress. "Well, that's different" I said to myself. I explored further and knew this was my calling. A perfect marriage between landscape photography and wedding photography. 

Below are some other interesting, and not so interesting, facts about me. 

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