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Arizona Elopement Photographer

When you want your wedding day to be about you two, and nobody else... The way it should be

Phoenix, Arizona based. Serving Nationwide


"I've heard of elopements before. But what is an ADVENTURE elopement?"

An adventure elopement is anything you want it to be. Boring answer? Okay... It's:

  • Hiking the beautiful Skyline Trail at Mount Rainier

  • Camping under the stars at Joshua Tree National Park

  • Mountain biking at Moab, Utah

  • Playing on the beaches of California

  • And so much more

The possibilities are endless. There are no rules when it comes to eloping. MY only rule is YOU doing what YOU want to do. Not what your family, not what your friends want, and certainly not what societal norms want. This is YOUR day



"So, eloping isn't just heading to Vegas on a whim anymore?"

Not at all, but it certainly can be if that's what you want!


In the event this isn't a spur of the moment decision, and some planning does need to take place you may be asking yourself how this all works?

Well, let me tell you!



You've already decided a regular wedding with hundreds of people to babysit isn't for you. Congrats. You've also decided that I'm the photographer for you. Awesome! Now you decide on the date, and we lock you in. Don't stress out if you don't have the exact date already or even a general date in mind. I will work with you on finding the perfect date, depending on what you want your elopement to look like, which takes us to step two

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Choose your location! Where are we going? Washington? California? Utah? My backyard here in Arizona? You decide. I'll help of course if you don't have a location in mind. I can figure out what suits you based on the activities you want to do and the kind of scenery you are looking for. Steps one and two kind of intertwine with one another as the time of year can impact the environment and activities that are ideal. I always ask "What about your elopement is more important? The time of year or the activities you can do and the landscape you can experience?" This will help us dial in both the date and the location

"We had a really great time being photographed by Michael. It was a fun adventure and the pictures came out beautiful! Michael was professional and picked a great location based on our requests. He was patient and followed up with us consistently to ensure he met all our needs. 10/10, would recommend!"

- Joana

"Michael’s work is as breathtaking as the locations where he shoots his photos. In my most recent experience with Photography from Smith, we shot at a gorgeous lavender farm. Michael’s enthusiasm for getting the perfect shot(s) is unmatched as he had already vetted the location before our shoot and had a plan in place"

- Gloria




Plan the details of your elopement. I will work with you closely to plan every aspect of your big day. From the activities you want to do, recommending vendors based on your needs, working out a timeline, taking care of permits, etc. My goal is to make this as easy as possible for you. After all, one of the main reasons anyone elopes is to eliminate things to worry about. And that is what I will do.  



ELOPE! We finally made it to your big day, and I couldn't be happier to be a part of it. We will share stories, laughs and hopefully some cries (Good ones of course). I'll be taking pictures of everything, from candid moments of you two being in your element, no matter how goofy, to some posed photos directed by yours truly. The main thing: This day is all about you and what it represents. The beginning of a lifetime together.

Still not quite sold on the idea? I understand. Anything other than a traditional wedding may seem scary. Answer these questions
  • Are you worried about the cost of a traditional wedding?​

  • Does planning a wedding seem too stressful?

  • Do you want to avoid family drama?

  • Do you want to go someplace you've never been to before but always dreamed of?

  • Do you value authenticity over materialism?

  • Last but certainly not least (More like the most important), do you want your wedding day to be about YOU and the love you have with each other?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, AN ELOPEMENT IS FOR YOU.

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